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Bow River Hook -Up

Recent weather (storms) has had the flows on The Bow River rising then falling only to rise again ..bad news ?not really when you consider  the fact that other rivers throughout the west are drying up and/or to warm to fish,the Bow River in and downstream of Calgary Alberta is ( fishing -good to great on a day to day basis  ..with streamers for large Rainbow and Brown Trout.

26 inch Streamer eating Bow River Brown Trout -Guide Mike Turnbull holding fish and a happy Edmonton Alberta Client in Shell Shock ! 

Once the  weather stabilizes and The Bow River gets into it’s August Groove  we expect to have more consistent Dry Fly fishing.Currently there are hatches of Tricos,Caddis and P.M.D.’s.Hopper fishing should also be good once the fish start to look up again.If you want to catch trophy Brown and Rainbow Trout The Bow River is the place.Contact Us.

20 inches of fat bow River Rainbow Trout


Author: dave

Dave Brown believes that life should be filled with adventure.Afterall you only go around once therefore you should Fly-Fish and Bird Hunt as much as possible otherwise you risk getting killed by Zombies.

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