Fly-Fishing for Bass

Fly-Fishing an Arizona Bass Lake

Southern Arizona is home a few really decent Largemouth Bass Lakes located less than an hour from Tucson.We really like these lakes because they are small,have great structure,they enjoy good  Largemouth Bass and Pan Fish populations,gorgeous scenery and because of  motor  restrictions a  tranquil setting.When we  Fly-Fish for Arizona Bass we take advantage of  our Clacka Craft Eddy Drift Boat,allowing us to cover the water searching out the best Fly-Fishing opportunities for  Largemouth Bass and Panfish structure.The fishing can be epic with lots of Largemouth Bass in the 2-4 Lb.Category and some Monsters up to 8 lbs.

Arizona LM Bass

Our  season for  Fly-Fishing For Bass in Southern Arizona is Mid March until Late May.

An Arizona Largemouth Bass

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