Top Rivers for Fly-Fishing in Alberta and British Columbia

Fall is a great time to be Fly-Fishing in Southern Alberta and British Columbia.The trout sense that winter is just around the corner and seem to feed aggressively.another bonus is for the most part the streams are vacant and we like that!.Here are some of our favorites for great Fall Fly-Fishing.

Bow River Hopper Eater

  1. The Bow River fishes great in the Fall.Expect hatches of B.W.O.’s,October Caddis and Hoppers.Back Swimmers work great hung underneath attractor patterns (hoppers) and the streamer bite is in full swing.
  2. The Columbia River  offers Angler shots at large rainbows on dries.Hatches consist of October Caddis,B.W.O’s and Hopper fishing can be awesome.
  3. The Elk River and surrounding area fishes great in the Fall.hatches consist of B.W.O.’s October Caddis and Slate Wing Drakes.Hopper fishing can be good.Streamer fishing is a good way to target larger fish on this river  during non-hatch periods .

S.W. Alberta can be very good to walk and wade anglers on rivers such as the Crowsnest,Oldman and Castle.Hatches are B.W.O’s ,Pink Alberts and October Caddis.

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Dry -Fly Caught Columbia River Steelhead strain rainbow

Author: dave

Dave Brown believes that life should be filled with adventure.Afterall you only go around once therefore you should Fly-Fish and Bird Hunt as much as possible otherwise you risk getting killed by Zombies.

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